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"There is one magical moment, just before the event begins, when all I have planned and dreamed of is getting a crazy realistic dimension and being in front of my Eyes"

Alon Hasson's reputation precedes him. For more than a decade he has been responsible for the design of notable events in Israel and abroad. Among its clients are the highest representatives of the private sector and the business sector. Alon is responsible for the design of the annual event of the Nachum Guttman Museum and is already a third year in succession. he also designs the reception area and VIP area of the annual Fashion Week Tel Aviv.


In addition to everything related to designing and producing events, Hasson also engages in styling of commercial spaces and private homes. He is responsible for special collaborations with companies such as "Florlis", "Basic" and others. For his own, dressing houses is one of the exciting challenges that exists and it requires a special frequency identification and the basis of this frequency creates a common language between the setting of space and the people who live or work in it.

Each of Hasson's clients gets to feel his special touch, which in combination of knowledge and experience enables him to fulfill every dream and realize every concept, from the sketch on paper to the exciting moment of exposure. 


As one of the busiest people in the design and styling industry, Hasson is endowed with great modesty. Very few know how  it all  started.

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