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Five Things you Didn't Know

About Alon Hasson


The Flowers are calling his name

He was a teenage boy when he came

into a flower shop in his hometown "Holon"

to buy a bouquet for his mom.

"I've got into the place and my heart skipped a beat. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

A very nice sales lady probably noticed my passion and invited me to help her from time to time especially before the holidays. I used to arrive at the store to arrange the flower,

to clean the whole shop and this where I first learned the art of flower arrangements.


He was the first brand to create

Hannuka Menoras from flowers


The first time he presented his special Flower Menorah was at his own debut studio gala event in 2009! He succeeded keeping the flowers fresh during the entire 8 days of the holiday. Since then, A Flower Menorah is a special part of the event concept when It comes to a Hanukkah Event. "since day one, when I've opened my business, I aimed to the highest stars. Willing to present our clients a different approach.

Not price wise but as a personal dialog with the people who dream their fantasies and

I have a big responsibility –

to make those dreams come true".


By his side works those who

are inspiring, just like him.

His right hand at the studio is Lizi Klein.

A gifted interior designer. She is there by his side nearly from the early days of the brand.

As an artist and a painter, the world of event design is a place where Lizi can express her passion for abstract arts, eclecticism, and attention for the smallest details.

Beside them there is Sharon Muzikansky

a B.A of Behavioral Sciences Management and Economics at the Ben Gurion University.

Sharon has been at the backstage of our studio for the past 7 years. Lately he became an a  part of our front of the office. He manages the finance and logistics of the studio.


Our team includes the best known and estimated florists at the Event Design business. Our skilled permanent technical personnel are our base to rely on through all those years, together we have built and designed unforgettable events in various concepts in Israel and abroad. Good and skilled manpower are not only the face of the company but also the hands and legs of the boss. I believe that our crew members are truly are our body

and souls and I believe in that saying.

for that I am thankful.      


To dream, to dare and to realize for others


During the decade, Alon developed and designed thousands of concept events, large and small. Customers often come to the recommendation

of friends or hosted themselves in one or several

of his events, couples, families, companies,

and organizations that sometimes refer to the planning of complex celebrations that

continue for several days.

His hand is in all, from the planning stage, sketch, selection of textures, fabrics, and of course the flowers, that is impossible without them.

The bone of construction while adhering to very strict safety procedures and architectural advice.

It is quite clear why Alon never stays for the final part of the event, the moment it all goes apart,

who would like to see the world he dreamed

and created goes back to the box?  


To create, to teach, to consult
in collegiality he believes


And sometimes it's winking at a completely different world, for example, creating showcase dolls dressed in dresses from flowers and roses combined with textiles and other elements in fashion week,

and sometimes these are models themselves dressed in such dresses. "I am very fond of fashion, especially the floral shirts, but in my eyes to dress this object completely tampering differently."


The art and the knowledge of Hasson would like to move on and therefore, in addition to every action, he also teaches in the colleges of design, lecturer and even advises privately couse in the end,

our world needs more than anything to

keep on dreaming.

Dreaming on Event of Your Own?

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